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Who is Lisa Cherry?

Lisa is a highly regarded independent lecturer, keynote speaker in trauma, resilience and recovery with a sharp focus on looked after children and the impact on the adult that child will become. Lisa is a published author of three books.

Lisa has worked with young people in social care, children and families, early years development and education environments in a variety of roles including as a social worker in residential and Leaving Care Teams and as a Connexions worker supporting young people not in education, employment and training needing targeted support. More recently, she worked as an extended services co-ordinator making sure that services were devised across sectors to meet the needs of vulnerable young people.

Lisa experienced the care system as a looked after child, starting her journey of recovery in 1990. She has written and developed courses and keynote presentations on this and associated subjects. She has built a reputation for delivering transformational training and engaging participants imaginatively in the world of the traumatised child.

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